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Melissa R. Profile Thumb

Melissa R.

4 days ago

The location is almost unbearable and the apartment style is great. The gym is small but being updated which is appreciated. The roof should be open all year round as an outdoor space. The improvements in staff and lobby amenities are appreciated.

Emma M. Profile Thumb

Emma M.

4 days ago

Warehouse has been nice! Quick response to service requests and kind staff. Only complaint would be lack of access to mail delivery on weekends and lack of parking.

Rachael D. Profile Thumb

Rachael D.

28 days ago

Have loved living here. The staff are so friendly and are always putting out cool new things for the residents. The location is amazing. I can get to anywhere on the main part of Franklin street in a 5 minute walk.

Hey Rachael, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We love hosting events for the residents and are always looking for suggestions, if you have any! We also love our location! Thank you for sharing your college living experience with us!

Delaney K. Profile Thumb

Delaney K.

1 month ago

While I have enjoyed my two years at the Warehouse, I enjoyed my first year a lot more than I have my second. However, I recognize that the Preiss company is working to improve the Warehouse as a place for students to live, but at the cost of the residents currently living there while these changes will more so improve the lives of future residents. My suggestion for the Warehouse would be doing and giving more to the residents so they can explicitly recognize where their money is going rather than being so focused on marketing for potential future residents.

Hey Delaney, thanks for taking the time to leave a review! We understand that doing upgrades around the property can sometimes be noisy and messy. Our teams are working as fast as possible to get these completed and we hope that our current residents will enjoy the new WiFi, gym equipment, and roof as much as the future residents will. We have hosted resident events each month, such as Waffle Wednesday, giveaways with school supplies, and are getting ready to do a Free Frank Friday! If you have any suggestions as to how we can be doing more with the residents, or different event ideas, please stop by the office or shoot us a quick email, we would love more feedback on that. We are here to help!

Katherine F. Profile Thumb

Katherine F.

1 month ago

Overall I like the style of the apartments and the location is great but I’ve had a lot of issues with the maintenance and upkeep of the property. The actual maintenance staff are very nice but there are so many issues with the property like the elevators, our windows, our front door not being fully sealed and more and it’s just frustrating to pay so much to live in a building that is not kept up.

Hey Katherine, Thank you for taking the time to review The Warehouse.The Preiss Company is excited to add The Warehouse in our portfolio and are looking forward to many improvements over the next few months. One of these is the windows that you mentioned and will be installed very soon! Check out the study lounge where new test windows have been installed.Upgraded internet is in progress and improvements to the fitness will be coming soon. Also we have made some repairs to the elevator that were needed and will continue to monitor it daily. Maintenance will be happy look at your front door and make any repairs that are needed. Thank you for letting us know. We agree that our location is great and residents can get to campus and social areas very quick. Again we appreciate you concerns hope the upcoming improvements will be to your liking. Our team welcomes your opinion! Please reach out to our office team if you have any suggestions or concerns! We are here to help!

Jacy C. Profile Thumb

Jacy C.

2 months ago

I love the environment at Warehouse! It is such a social place, yet everyone still can get some good studying done as well. I love studying in the lounge.

Hey Jacy! Thank you for the 4 stars! The Warehouse is so happy that the study lounge is beneficial to you. Please do not forget our coffee/snack bar that is in the main lobby. Also, thank you for sharing your college living experience with us and renewing with for the next year. Please reach out to The Warehouse team if you have any questions or concerns! We are here to help!

Sophia O. Profile Thumb

Sophia O.

2 months ago

Love the location and the style of the apartment, which is why I have lived here for two years. However even the updated apartments need a lot of work and have many issues with upkeep. The parking situation is hugely annoying and there should defiantly be a solution for visitor parking. Also the cable is very low definition and there have been many bug issues. I do understand that the new staff has worked hard to fix many issues and that lots will take time, just being honest here.

Hey Sophia thank you for your feedback. We truly appreciate your concerns. Our team would love to chat with you regarding your views on the parking situation to look for a solution. Upgraded cable and internet is expected to go live by March 15 and our team is working on installation of new windows which should reduce pest issues, exterior noise and help insulate your apartment. The exterminator comes twice a month vs. once a month. Let us know if you are having a issue that needs to be address by the exterminator and we will make sure they come to your apartment. The Warehouse team is excited to be here and we are here to help.